President’s 2003 Report to Members

The American Friends of the IHR (AFIHR) was founded to help the Institute by providing funds for particular projects – most recently, the trustees decided at their Baltimore meeting (November 9, 2003) that the funds raised in the current appeal, 2002-03, would be applied to the purchase of Palmer’s Full Text Online version of the (London) Times, covering the period 1785-1870. At that meeting the trustees also voted unanimously to name Professor Jacob M Price “Founding President of the American Friends of the Institute of Historical Research.” This was in recognition of his role in creating the organization and in guiding it during its first eleven years.

We are always eager to enlist new members — just fill out and mail in the contribution form.  Individual contributions made through the American Friends are U.S. tax-deductible, and the AFIHR is also eligible to receive funds from charitable foundations. Checks of $45 or more should be sent to the Membership Secretary.  American Friends enjoy the privileges of individual IHR membership, including full access to Institute facilities in London, and a discount on all IHR publications.

All officers and trustees of the AFIHR serve voluntarily, with compensation only for administrative expences, ensuring that almost every dollar is forwarded to an Institute project. Thank you for your support of the Institute.


Daniel A Bough