President’s 2006/07 Report to the Membership

I write to report on the decisions made at the AFIHR board meeting in Boston in November 2006. Thanks to your continuing generosity, we made grants totalling almost $11,000. These included adding important works to the library’s holdings: the collected works of Florence Nightingale; six volumes of publications by and for the London Corresponding Society (1792-99); the 1872 edition of the Cartulaire de l’abbaye royale de Notre-Dames des Chatelliers; the trials for treason and sedition from 1692-94 (five volumes); and the coalition diaries and letters of H. A. L. Fisher (four volumes, 1916-22). We funded the purchase of a portable data projector and three computers for the use of postgraduates working in the IHR. And, after hearing an engaging presentation from Liza Filby about the History Lab’s annual conference for graduate students, we made a grant of $2,000 to support bursaries to help students from North America to participate in this year’s conference on “Generations.” At the latest report, four students (one each from Princeton, Drew, Stanford, and Columbia) are beneficiaries and will be presenting papers at the conference on 25-26 June at the IHR. The History Lab was established in 2005 with the goal of creating “a social and intellectual forum for the postgraduate community” based at the IHR. We were delighted that we could help broaden its reach to include more students from abroad who will learn to value the IHR as a base for their activities when in the UK.

Please renew your membership in the AFIHR so we can continue to support the work of the IHR from this side of the Atlantic. More information is available elsewhere on this website, and we remain grateful to Newton Key for his excellent work as our webmaster. A contribution of $45 or more annually to the American Friends of the IHR confers membership in the Institute and facilitates.  All officers and board members of the AFIHR serve without compensation. Administrative costs are minimal, consisting of mailing expenses, occasional technical services, and accounting fees. Therefore nearly every dollar contributed is forwarded to the Institute in order to help pay for some aspect of its work.

Thank you for your past support.

Sincerely yours,

Sears McGee