News from the American Friends Board Meeting – November 2014

The AFIHR Board met at the NACBS in Minneapolis and decided to support the following

IHR projects:

1. The IHR’s Library has launched a Library Conservation Fund and the AFIHR are

Board of AFIHR-2014

Board of AFIHR-2014

pleased to be joining the Mercers’ Company and the British Friends of the IHR at the outset of this important initiative.

2. The 2015 Anglo-American Conference is on Fashion and in support of this, the AFIHR will fund the digitizing of the four London department store catalogues from 1916/17, which will form a digital exhibit at the conference in July 2015.

3. The board voted to support bursaries for 2-3 Master’s degree students at the IHR and are delighted that they will be named after the AFIHR (students from outside Britain will be eligible to apply).